Friday, January 29, 2010

Most Recent 'Holy Shit' Moment

In response to Mitch Goldstein's blog post here asking about our own 'Holy Shit' moments I had to post this. Plus it's good news about my senior project anyways. I've made serious progress.

So, my struggle with ideas had to do with the overwhelming amount of static ideologies dripping from graphic design all around us. 'Buy this because it tastes good!' 'Use this because it's better!' A culinary artist doesn't have a immense passion for creating food and make a burger and fries for their defining dish. I did not want to present myself as a designer through wine bottle label designs and fake brochures. Plus, this is my last semester as an Undergrad and one of the VERY few times I can create something I truly care about.

So, what exactly did I come up with? Well, I did a lot of research on other student's senior projects and ended up seeing some great designs, but no inspiration for a great idea. Then I did some searches on 'Graphic Design Thesis.' This was far more successful. I came upon a group called the Situationists. Here's a short video on this inspiring group of people.

The Situationist International focuses on reality and day to day activity which is constantly experimenting and correcting itself rather than just reiterating a few supposedly eternal truths. Static ideologies, however true they may be, become gross fetishes and just one more thing to passively consume.

By adopting the views of the SI it all became clear. I needed to celebrate the reality of my everyday. But what? What was so abstract and complex in my everyday to be interesting yet so simple and concrete enough to illustrate graphically and typographically?

'Relationships' was the first thing that came to mind. Like any human being I deal everyday with managing the many relationships I have with people. This then led me to focus on the miss communications I've had with others that effected my relationships, which then led me to conversations I've had that marked the moment of miss communication and the big 'change.' There it was! Conversations! How beautiful and complex and real are conversations? It was perfect!

From there I sketched and made lists. Now was time to come up with concrete pieces illustrating this immensely abstract idea. I was overflowing with them. From typographic installations to scripts of the actual, personal conversations with people I care about. It had everything I wanted.

Here comes the problem. Convincing my adviser to allow me to put this on as my own senior show. Sounds easy right? Wrong! See every year ALL of the students get together and put on one show. I have nothing against this, I just know that for this idea to work I needed my own space and control over that environment. It's critical.

So that's where I am right now. Soon I'll be posting some sketches and mood boards, developing my pieces for this possible show and, in the mean time, crossing my fingers.


  1. this is awesome.. i completely agree with you. wine labels and fake brochures may look pretty but where's the depth of thought and passion? i can't wait to see how your project progresses!

  2. Thanks! I hope this project lives up to it's potential.


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