Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ness Higson: IAAH

One of the most inspirational designers today has done it yet again. Ness Higson has launched the newest version of his previous website IAAH as the new IAAH Version 7. It's brilliant! The obvious care and time he puts in his work (as you can see below) has carried over to his online presence. The old site was amazing and I'm blown away by his consistency to evolve as a designer. What an inspiration for us all in the creative community. Here's a little of what Ness has to say:

An explanation in brief. We find ourselves living in exciting times. We are currently in the midst of what feels to be a technological revolution of sorts. A time we have been calling 2.0, soon to be 3. As this particular medium has matured, the excitement and experimentation seems to have diminished, and has been replaced with usability standards and commerce. Rightfully so. The site / shell is a reaction to standardization. It’s meant to challenge the concept of space and how it’s perceived within ye olde browser window. It will undoubtably frustrate some, but may contribute to a large laugh and / or smile for others. It’s more experiment and temporary in nature than stiff and permanent.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Thinking Wrong

As I've posted before, I've been reading "Never Sleep: Graduating to Graphic Design" by G. Dan Covert and Andre Andreev. In the book they talk about something called Project M that almost seemed like Graphic Design Summer Camp/Visually Conceptual Retreat. So cool right?! Well, I had planned on looking it up soon, but today I stumbled upon it while searching a little deeper into something I had planned on posting here as a relative project to my very own project idea. It's called PieLab. When I went to their website I discovered that PieLab is actually an initiative of Project M. What a coincidence!

So, I get to kill three birds with one stone today (that must be a REALLY big stone or really little birds). I get to share with you a little about Dan and Andre's book, let you in on what genius Project M is and all it entails, along with linking this idea my project shares with PieLab that conversation=design.

Here's is a little brief on exactly what PieLab is.

PieLab Promo from PieLab on Vimeo.

So, PieLab's goal of focusing on community development can easily be related to my own focus on relationship development. Both projects plan on gaining information (not always design related) for the betterment of understanding and possibly acting upon issues related to their subject of focus. For example, PieLab may unveil a problem with Greensboro's social habits or economy. Design may not be the whole solution, but it can certainly be part of it. They will find strengths and weaknesses, and visual and conceptual inspiration through conversation. That is my goal as well.

I'm doing all I can to 'Think Wrong.' This is what Project M says about Thinking Wrong:

"The human brain tends to think along pre-determined linear thought pathways. Such linear thinking can inhibit true innovation and creative exploration. Project M will encourage, and provide techniques for, “thinking wrong” to generate new ideas and design directions to challenge the status-quo."

Life is about connection and relationships. I want my design to embrace life don't you?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Test Creation: Take One

Update on my Senior Project progress: I've come up with my six people to converse with. They are all very different and have very different types of relationships with me. I'm really excited to hear their responses to the questions I've come up with actually. Also, I'm working on a project website.

Below is an experimental creation. I've been thinking a lot about the vibe of this project and what I really want it to feel and look like. I've never been great at pinpointing a style that I'm strong at or one that I have at all. I enjoy experimenting with so many different styles that I never thought I had one of my own. So, I did what I knew to do...asked other people about my style. They gave me some great insight to my strengths and tendencies I have, good and bad. So, taking all of those opinions into consideration, this is what I came up with when thinking of the covers of the conversation transcripts. I think that each should be different but similar. They should be very personal to the relationship I have with each person. I can't decide how I'm going to place the text inside...if it should be hand written and scanned in, typed on a typewriter, or completely digital.

The next step in my process is going to be documenting, through a voice recorder, each of the six conversations.

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