Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Fifth Element

Well, it seems that things have taken a 'U' turn in the road to my show. The gallery is booked during the times I would want my show and the only open slot is early April which would only be convenient if I were superwoman. So, I've begun collaborating with the other four who are graduating and we have been planning our group show.

So far we've decided it will be held at Vermillion Press Limited at The Sunset Center in Amarillo on May 7th, starting at 5. We've also decided the name will be The Fifth Element.

The struggle right now is figuring out how our areas are going to be divided, how much money we'll get from the University and where it's coming from.

We haven't had any meetings this week due to our Advisor being in charge of the opening of the Vermillion Press Limited, which is EXTREMELY exciting for our department and all print students. I'll have to explain how and what that is all about in another post.

We're supposed to come up with a logo for the show and then collaborate next week to decide on one. Here's what I came up with today:

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