Friday, April 16, 2010

Designing for Me

The most enjoyable designs are the ones I do for myself. To vent, to remember, to heal, to forget...there are so many reasons I love to design for myself. I think, also, I like how the pressure is removed from the situation and all you have is how you feel and what you know. It doesn't matter if it sucks. It doesn't matter if it's amazing. All that really matters is you doing it.

Honestly I think designing for yourself is so critical to being a successful designer. I mean, let's face it, not all clients are super exciting to create for. We all need time to ourselves.

Another fun thing I like to do is to design a non-objective thing in a very organized format that would be used to measure or document an objective thing. So that's what this design I quickly created was.

Above is what I like to call the First. It's that moment two people fall in love. Okay, so maybe not love at first, but it's definitely an intense interest in one another. My love story is rather unique, complex, beautiful, and very special. I guess it would have to be. I don't think I'd allow it to be any other way.

Here's another self-design I did. Music is such a big part of my life and I love to create posters for my favorite bands and try to bring the lyrics to life a little or at least point out my favorite parts regardless of whether they are recognizable or not.

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