Saturday, April 9, 2011

Designer of the Day : Nazario Graziano

Nazario Graziano is an italian freelance illustrator, art director, and graphic designer. I really love his style. Some of my own work has been compared to his because of that cut and paste integration of photos, geometric shapes, and illustration style we share (must be an italian thing), which I find very flattering. That style gives the artist a fun way to let loose and be highly conceptual with the choice of elements and placement. He is the master of it.

Here's what he has to say about himself as a designer:

"My world is romantic, ironic, no-conformist.“A dive in the past with Gore-Tex lifesaver”.
I take my inspiration from old books, illustrations for kids, sky, snow, rain and rainbows, my wife, my cats, music, old school skateboards, 80′s memories, 50′s sci-fi movies, old school tattoos, typography and so much more that happens day by day …"

Nazario is the founder of RevolverLover and ANTI as well as ADD Studio Creativo. You can visit his website and view more of his work and also purchase some of his awesome prints, shirts, or laptop skins.

Here's some of his work:

Friday, April 8, 2011

Flirting with an artist

Shopping at the mall in Houston last weekend I was approached by a guy with the typical charming smile and googly eyes holding the skirt above out to me. He told me he thought I would look amazing in it. When I challenged his opinion, considering he knows less about me than women's fashion, he said I look like a woman who loves texture and form. Immediately, I went into artist mode and started to observe the skirt like it was being prepared for a critique in Scott Frish's class (he's my past, hard core art professor). With a quick and polite "thanks" I carried the skirt to the ground floor, put it on some random rack (since the pattern was hideous for anyone not planning an outfit for Cinco De Mayo),  and began opening my eyes again to the brilliant textures and natural forms all around me.

So thanks random guy in the mall. Although you're flirting didn't charm me, your comment set off some inspirational thoughts.

I've always been inspired by the human form and I don't know if it's because of the warmer weather and showing more skin or what, but the human body has really been inspiring me lately. There are so many beautiful things about our bodies and how they move when walking or dancing or how they display a piece of clothing that's designed with that perfect balance of thought and craftsmanship. Our color of hair or skin or the one of a kind profile our faces have. How could so many artistic elements and natural developments not be inspiring?

Below are some of my favorite forms and textures provided by the human anatomy, nature, and design. Enjoy and get inspired to show off your anatomy! :)

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