Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ride Alabamboo: Launch of Common Cycles

Ever knew Alabama produced bamboo? Neither did I. I also didn't know that the United States is the largest importer of bamboo in the world. As of right now, the bamboo of Alabama is just that...bamboo in Alabama. Changing that could not just impact an individual, but further to a community, state, and possibly country.

Alabamboo is a growing movement to bring sustainable bamboo production to Alabama. A collaborative effort by a number of participants (non-profit organizations and business in Alabama and beyond), the Alabamboo initiative aims to strengthen the economic and social fabric of the rural south by introducing a sustainable agricultural product that will lead to more jobs, more localized production, and cleaner air.

A couple of weeks ago, innovative designers and individuals, some members of Project M, HERO, and COMMON, all came together and developed a plan in just 3 days to launch Common Cycles, a not-for-profit bamboo bicycle company founded to empower the community of Greensboro, Alabama and beyond. Their mission is to create "bike-centric" experiences that employ the local residents of Greensboro and encourage people of all walks of life to fall in love with bicycling all over again. Customers will be able to build their frame, assemble their bike and customize their ride. It is all part of our plan to redesign our community and others with the trans-formative power of the bicycle.

Below is a video of that crazy/fantastic weekend.

COMMON MBA 001 from COMMON on Vimeo.

To launch the new company, a team of four young cyclists will ride across America on hand-built bamboo bikes to share the story of the Alabamboo initiative.

 To track the team you can view their progress on TRACK MY TOUR.

This project is just a fantastic addition to the long list of other ideas and movements that are using the incredible power of design to essentially change the world. I hope to one day soon be a part of something so great as Alabamboo and wish them only the best.

*****You can directly support the team and the company by donating below.****

Here are some more photos from Common Cycles:

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