Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Anatomy Inspired: Nervous System

I about flipped when I saw some of these jewelry pieces and home decor works by Nervous System. One can't help but admire the amount of craftsmanship and obvious care it took to develop them conceptually and physically. The contour interacts with light and shadows and even the integration with whatever background it may have at the moment.

The human nervous system is electric and alive. It is the gateway to every physical experience we will ever have. It knows every story our bodies have ever told. I can't even fathom how intimate and romantic the reality of that relationship really is, so to celebrate it by wearing or displaying such a symbol is simply beautiful.

Founders Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg created Nervous System to "explore a design approach that relates process and form in a context of interactivity and openness. Our trajectory focuses on generative design methods using both algorithmic and physical tools to create innovative products and environments."

Another wonderful thing about their products is that they are designed to be affordably and ethically made. They use manufacturing methods that do not require large facilities or massive manual labor. They use inexpensive materials and believe that the value of their designs comes from the intelligent and beautiful marriage of form and function, not the current price of currency standards.

A little about the founders:

Jessica Rosenkrantz graduated from MIT in 2005 and holds degrees in Architecture and Biology. Afterwards, she spent 2.5 years studying architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Jesse Louis-Rosenberg also attended MIT, majoring in Mathematics. He previously worked as a consultant for Gehry Technologies in building modeling and design automation. 

Jessica and Jesse live together in a house by a stream in a forest in Western Massachusetts.

Below are some of the products from the Nervous System line of jewelry and home decor. Enjoy!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Tour de France: Daily Design

 I look forward to the Tour de France every year now being a big fan of the cycling world. My husband is a cyclist and the community it creates has so many wonderful elements and attributes. One, it goes hand-in-hand with great causes like going green and being healthy as well as some of the most influential foundations and charities. Two, it appreciates the effort of good craftsmanship in everything from beer to technology. Three, it's a gentleman's (or gentlewoman's) sport. They have a lot of respect for one another and their fans are some of the most loyal. But lastly, and most of all, they endorse and appreciate great design!!

Bruce Doscher, a Digital Creative Director, stained glass window maker, painter, karaoke enthusiast, eight time marathon runner, and Ironman triathlete (among other things) started his "Tour de France - Daily Poster" project last year. The night before the 2010 Tour started he had an idea: create a poster for each stage! For those of you who aren't familiar with how the Tour de France works, there are 21 stages which are 21 races, one each day (not counting the rest period) of the 3 week tour. There are champs for each stage based simply on who crosses the finish line first that day and then champs for the total tour which are determined by points you earn throughout the 3 weeks. Doscher decided to create a poster illustrating the happenings of each stage everyday. In his description of the project he states, "A unique poster a day is harder then it sounds, but if these guys race hundreds of kilometers at top speed every day, I can turn out a poster a day."

Above is the poster from the final stage of the 2010 Tour featuring the champs of each stage and the entire race. I really enjoy his minimal, vectorized design and get excited to see the new one posted. They remind me of many of the vintage cycling posters. I'd love to see some of them screen printed. You can view the new posters on his facebook page and purchase prints at Zazzle.

Below are all the new one's so far for the 2011 Tour de France. Today was stage 7 but he only has posted up to stage 5.


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