Thursday, August 18, 2011

Designer of the Day : Bri Emery

So, Bri Emery is basically awesome. Yes, that's my best description of her, awesome. I discovered Bri through her blog Design Love Fest - where type and images totally make out. Although she widely appeals to the blogging community, her fundamentals are in graphic design. Like so many of us interested in both fashion and design, Bri started by keeping inspiration journals of curated images torn from magazines and collaged together with scotch tape.

She graduated from FIDM with a degree in Graphic Design / Branding, and very quickly earned a reputation as the go-to gal for innovative and stylish design. She consistently brings fun and fresh creative solutions to every project, infusing them with her signature charm and clever eye for color.

I can't help but smile or sigh deeply when I see work by Bri. They're balanced so wonderfully in every way. They have that hand-crafty aesthetic, but without losing the clean and modern feel that comes from structured design.

Her studio, Designlovefest Studio, officially launched in January 2011, offering full-service graphic design and branding. She also is Art Director for the popular web-based shelter publication, Rue Magazine and authors the Closet & Casa column on Oh, Joy!, as well as the designlovefest pins column found at sfgrlbybay. An active alumness, Bri transformed the bi-annual FIDM Alumni Newsletter into an award winning print glossy called Dialouges. In the spring of 2011, Bri teamed up with photographer Angela Kohler, whom you'll recognize as a great half of the team behind the creative "moving pictures" commercials for The Amazon Kindle,  to create Blogshop, a one-of-a-kind 2 day workshop offering Photoshop classes tailored to the specific needs of bloggers. Blogshop is being hosted in major cities all across the United States and Europe and has become a huge success, not to mention an absolute blast to participate in.

You can view Bri's portfolio here. Be sure to stop by her blog every once in a while for a refreshing look at what's going on with design in her world. Also, if you have the chance and are interested, sign up for a Blogshop and learn how to utilize Photoshop in a way to specifically benefit blogs. Below is some of her work.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

COMMON Pitch: This Friday!!

This Friday, August 19th, COMMON will welcome the cleverly curious to Boulder Theater for a night of ideas, creativity and collaboration. One part social change, one part creative problem solving and lots of moving parts (there will be music), COMMON Pitch brings mighty minds to the stage for the opportunity to rouse, rally and inspire.

COMMON Pitch from COMMON on Vimeo.

I discovered COMMON a little while back when I started getting into Project M and Ride Alabamboo and other connecting social design networks. They all instantly captivate me enough to want to drop everything and join in the action. Well, here's the chance where people can! If you're in the Boulder area I highly suggest heading over to the Boulder Theater Friday night for a party full of amazing ideas to make this world better, a room full of so much innovation and creativity it's impossible to imagine, and of course free drinks and awesome music! Could you spend you're Friday night a better way? Uh, I think not.

MORE INFO:​pitch

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