Friday, September 23, 2011

World Barista Championship Promo Campaign

I couldn't help but stop and admire the winning poster for CMYK's first ever Poster's Only Competition designed by Theresa Decker, a recent graduate of Tyler School of Art's Graphic and Interactive Design program. Above is the winning poster itself and below is the rest of the fantastic campaign. I absolutely LOVE the color palette.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Color Palette Inspiration: Gucci

One thing I've been doing a lot of is moodboards. I've been gathering so much inspiration bits and pieces to create my moodboards for all sorts of projects. One of the biggest factors in my boards and in my design foundation is the color palette. So I figured one of my continual post themes could be dedicated to a color palette and since this week is the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2012 in NYC I figured it would be appropriate to kick of my first Color Palette Inspiration post with these palettes inspired by the beautiful fall/winter 2011 line by Gucci.

*Note: the rings above are not Gucci. They're by Kenneth Jay Lane

images via kiristinaklarin

Mind your Ps and Qs…and their kerning

When it comes to my opinions on typography friends laugh, family think I'm pretentious or arrogant, and some people think I'm being down right ridiculous. Sorry but when you're out being a doctor and you point out that the hematoma is occurring because heparin is given via an intramuscular route and to avoid this, heparin must be given intravenously or subcutaneously, I'm not going to tell you that it really doesn't matter. (I watch way too much Grey's Anatomy) But seriously people. It's not just about looking pretty or aesthetically pleasing. There is a purpose to each typeface and when I go into my day job, it really is that decision that will make or break the success of a piece.  The difference between our working opinions is that a designer's can't stay in the operating room like a surgeon's. What we deal with and specialize in surrounds us everywhere, everyday. Bad type bothers me and it should.

 Below is a wonderful infographic designed by someone who simply calls themselves Noodlor, which lays out all the basics of typography, some layout direction, and ends with a quote from the one and only Paul Rand. There is much more knowledge to be gained on the subject, but this is a perfect place to start for anyone not familiar with typography. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Last month my husband and I took a vacation with my parents to their condo in Flagstaff, AZ. We had a great time hiking around all the great areas the land hand to offer including The Grand Canyon, The Painted Desert, Oak Creek Canyon, and an amazing volcano cave that my parents found a while back that is a bit dangerous to crawl down into but totally worth the risk. It was incredible. I was instantly inspired by all of the beautiful forms and colors and contrasts of the land. It was amazing to be able to go from such a hot, dry environment in the Painted Desert too the wet, lush trails of Oak Creek Canyon. Arizona truly is beautiful and I'm so glad we were able to spend a wonderful week there.

I'm attempting to go through all of our photos to edit and crop them properly and today I came across one I snapped while drifting off behind the group when we were hiking through the Petrified Forest. Above is the photo and a bit of my design touch. Hopefully more to come.

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