Friday, November 11, 2011

Charmaine Olivia

I've been a long time admirer of Charmaine Olivia. Years ago I did a painting of a woman in a knights helmet with feathers and was compared to her in class. Curiously,  I looked up some of her work and was instantly captivated and in awe of how similar we were in so many ways right down to the serious dreamer attitude. Now all I need is a badass tattoo.

Here's what she says about herself:

"My name is Charmaine Olivia. I’m a full-time artist living and loving in San Francisco. I am inspired by skulls, glass bottles and messy hair. I dream every single night and I never get bored. 

I work in a variety of media, my favorites are oil and ink. I am currently preparing for my solo show at “Shooting Gallery“, San Francisco in January 2012. My illustrations, photography and paintings have appeared in magazines throughout the world. You can find my prints and designs at Urban Outfitters, Volcom Stone, Element, Nylon Magazine, Eyes on Walls, Envelop, Threadless, Bolia, Society6."

Charmaine has also recently opened her own online shop which you can visit here.

Like myself, the majority of her work is of female subjects. She doesn't really go into why she chooses to illustrate mainly females, but I would imagine it is because it's directly relatable. Personally, I'm constantly changing in my mood, experiences, appearance, opinions, and then simply dreaming of what was, is, or could be. To manifest those into actual figures can be beautiful and fulfilling. That's what I see when I look at her pieces and that's what I feel when I create my own. I'm flattered to be compared to such a great artist.

So check out her gorgeous pieces of art. I'll try not to go crazy posting everything I like. Hopefully I'll have many hanging in my home one day. You should too!

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