Monday, May 14, 2012

Soon - 15 years VIB Branding

Soon is a Belgian studio that creates visual identities in combination with photography. Most of their work is hand crafted and afterwards transformed into a digital image. VIB is a life sciences research institute, based in Flanders, Belgium and for their fifteenth anniversary, Soon did the entire event branding, for which they used only chalk and a huge blackboard. For this event they also designed a box with nine books in it for which they made more than 200 large chalk drawings.

I've been seeing chalk lettering used more often in design. Of course, when I think of this particular medium and style one name immediately comes to mind, which is no surprise.  Dana Tanamachi put this beautiful medium on the design map. In fact, I saw one of her pieces a few weeks back at the Brooklyn Flea and immediately identified it as one of her masterpieces. It was even better in person.

This project by Soon was unique in it's incredible variety of applications. Chalk art was used for logos, print, signage, motion, and web.  I can imagine how much time this team must have dedicated to give this inspiring concept life. Below are a few images and videos of their lovely pieces. Enjoy!

images via soon

Friday, May 11, 2012

STAG - Provisions for Men

There are a few things that I miss most about Texas, Austin being the biggest. I love that city, just not as much as Boston. Still, there are days I wish I could just hit the road and have lunch at Curra's or Frank, walk SoCo hitting up all my favorite boutiques with my cup of joe from Jo's, and catching an amazing concert at Stubbs or the Mohawk that night while kickin back some Shiners.

STAG is one of those shops I would be sure and hit up. Started by 5 guys who brought together their aesthetic points of view to create this unique place for inspired gifts and modern fashion with a classic foundation. It's the best place to get any guy in your life an amazing treasure. They also have a great assortment of books and random pieces for your home. They carry brands such as Ralph Lau­ren RRL, Burk­man Broth­ers, Oliver Spencer, Pen­field, Dun­der­don, Uni­ver­sal Works, Life After Denim, Rock­mount Ranch­wear, Civil Smith, Alter­na­tive Apparel, The Hill-Side, Patch Scarves, Tan­ner Leather Goods, Ran­dolph Engi­neer­ing Sun­glasses, Frye Boots, PF Fly­ers, Clark’s Shoes, Min­netonka Moc­casins, Hava­iana flip flops, Malin and Goetz, Jack Black, and the list goes on. Plus, it's just an overall cool place.

STAG is also a business I would use as a perfect example of successful all-around design. Each product has been carefully selected to become a part of this super collection. You almost get a feeling of being inside a huge closet belonging to a guy with impeccable taste. The character of the room compliments the items so well and the music playing overhead polishes off the experience.

Take a look below inside STAG and be sure and visit their online shop as well as their entertaining tumblr and blog.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Espresso Republic Identity

The Salih Kucukaga Design Studio, pronounced (Ku-chook-aah), is a one man design agency operated by Salih Kucukaga out of Istanbul, Turkey. 

I was debating between doing a post featuring one project by Salih or the entire studio, but after browsing through his entire portfolio I knew they each deserved their own post. So, this one is featuring the identity design of Espresso Republic, a specialty coffee roasting business based in Southern California. 

My favorite element of this identity is how it was so creatively integrated in Dripp, their cafe/shop. Customers will come to discover the sleek coffee and flag logo icon peeking out from the bottom of their mug as if to say, "We're glad you enjoyed this cup! Thank you and come again!" Then, they look up to glance out the window to which was carefully adorned with a hand painted version of the full logo, and later casually drift to the counter to purchase their very own, beautifully packaged coffee grounds, placed in a branded paper bag. It's a full "Dripp" experience, and that's what makes a design, a brand, and a business successful. Take a look at some of the great elements below. 

Potatoe Cake

Makes a large cake.

via No.20

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DKNG - The Poster Show 21012

DKNG Studios is a design studio based in Los Angeles, California and is constantly producing great work for the music and entertainment industries. Can't really think of a better dream job than spending the day creating concert posters, packaging, identity, apparel, and digital media for some of the greatest bands and music artists all day long. One of my favorite things about DKNG is that they share their processes creating some of their most identifiable works on their Vimeo channel. The latest, the design process of The Poster Show 2012 logo, is above.

The Say Something Poster Project is fantastic. It was created as a platform for generating positive messages posters which we can surly never have a shortage of.

When I decided to be a designer I made a promise to always strive for a focus on social design as well as endorse events or other creatives with a similar goal. It's amazing how much power a designer truly has and how vital it can be in making a positive (or negative) impact on our society. Marketing campaigns need us to create the face of what they want to say. Without a face, there is no presentation of the message.

Sadly, I just missed The Poster Show 2012 in Boston. My flight out here was on the 27th of February and the show was on the 25th, but from what I read in the recap, it seemed to be a great success! So next year Boston, I'll be there for sure. It's a date.
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