Sunday, October 21, 2012

UPDATE: Klara Harden

Back in early March I wrote a post about Klara Harden, the incredible cinematographer from Austria who hiked across Iceland and documented the experience. I also introduced her new project, another documentary called WITH LOVE FROM MADAGASCAR, that she and director and cinematographer Karsten Prühl were planning to create. You can view the post HERE.  

Well, their adventure has begun and already they have learned so much about this endangered land and its inhabitants. Below I've included their recent trailer of the documentary and a few photos from their trip so far. 

Klara and Karsten are still in need of financial support to complete their project. To help you can go HERE to her website and make a donation. All proceeds will go to necessary production costs. You can also visit Klara's facebook for any news updates. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Good Fight

Fun Some Nights [OFFICIAL VIDEO] from eleventh street workshop on Vimeo.

I'm so happy for their success! I've been following both Nate and Jack since just about the beginning and am so happy the world is finally noticing the incredible talent they have and this video is really fantastic. It's been a long road for them I'm sure, but I enjoyed it every step of the way.

A little while ago, the company I work for was looking to do a special for Columbus Day. I'm not a fan of the holiday. In fact, it's not really a holiday at all in the Southwest or Midwest, so I shot them a link to James Victore's famous print "Celebrate Columbus 1492-1992".

To say I got some shocked looks would be a bit of an understatement. I then sent a quick tweet over to James letting him in on my ground disturbing act of the day and this was his reply:

"Brittany, keep fighting the good fight. I love your light. Cheers, James"

First, I was so caught off guard at the mere fact that James Victore just responded to little ol' me. Then, I read his words and found so much comfort in them. 

(This is where Fun and James Victore connect. I promise, there is an actual connection.)

It's the message! The message to fight that good fight. Keep working your butt off and you will get somewhere. It might be in an odd direction or straight for what you were aiming for, but the fact is your moving. You're learning. You're growing and forming opinions and creating. That is what matters. So I will keep fighting that good fight, James. Thank you for the inspiring work and inspiring words. As for you Fun, congratulations. It was a bullseye.
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